Echoes of Empire character artwork

As part of the launch of ‘The Pillars of Sand’ at Galaxy Bookshop here in Sydney, I used photocomposition to create character art that was given away in sets to people who attended. I did 80 sets, and all of them were accounted for.

For those who’ve not seen them, I thought I’d post a gallery of the portraits here. They may not be exactly what readers see when they imagine the characters, but this is how I see them. I may do other characters who appear in The Obsidian Heart, and The Pillars of Sand. People who have these cards as a series were interested in seeing The Emissary, as well as some of the supporting cast. We’ll see how I go for time. Until then, please enjoy. If people want to do their own art and sent it through, I’d enjoy seeing how you pictured the characters.

Indris FinalMari FinalCorajidin FinalShar Final 1Ekko FinalHayden FinalOmen Final 1Femensetri FinalBelamandris FinalWolfram FinalYashamin Final